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SIP Tiny Homes - Albuquerque, NM
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SIPS of New Mexico

SIPS of New Mexico is leading the way in building zero energy homes, high-performance affordable and custom homes and affordable ADU’s in New Mexico. We have simplified the construction process by utilizing structural insulated panels (SIPs) instead of traditional stick-frame construction. Our construction process utilizes 3-defining metrics:

  • A Tighter Envelope with greater thermal-efficiencies (nonstick-frame, SIP construction)
  • Better Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Systems
  • Renewable Energy Systems – solar & wind energy, battery storage, and EV electric car charging stations.


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We Build Net-Zero Custom SIPS Homes & ADUs


Whether it's providing extra living space for your growing family, offering a comfortable dwelling for your elderly loved ones, or creating a rental unit to generate additional income, we've got you covered.


Step into the future of construction with Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs). Experience unmatched energy efficiency, durability, and faster building times. With SIPs, we promise strength, a reduction in heating and cooling costs, and a better way to build.


Experience sustainability redefined: Our net zero homes minimize carbon footprints, achieving energy efficiency to produce as much energy as they consume - your future with our expert builders

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Why Build an ADU?

Albuquerque, New Mexico is currently experiencing a housing shortage. ADU’s can potentially help to increase housing inventory without changing the actual nature of our neighborhoods. However, cost, restrictive zoning, complicated permitting processes, and/or a lack of awareness have often led to fewer ADU’s being built in most cities, but in the City of Albuquerque (CABQ) this is all changing. The CABQ Planning division and Estech Global , Inc. have developed a better solution. Learn more about the reasons why more homeowners want to build backyard ADU’s.

Why Choose Us


Net Zero

With superior insulation, SIPs help achieve net-zero energy consumption by drastically reducing heating and cooling costs.

Speedy Construction

The prefabricated nature of SIPs can significantly reduce construction time.


SIPs are designed to carry heavy loads and can withstand extreme weather conditions.

Environmental Impact

SIPs require less raw material in production and lead to less job site waste, making them a more sustainable choice.

Design Flexibility

SIPs can be used in a variety of architectural styles, providing flexibility in design.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

Tight construction with SIPs can lead to better indoor air quality by reducing air infiltration.

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Our Team

Frederick Esters

CEO - EsTech Global, Inc.
Developer, SIPS of New Mexico & Solar Energy Systems Distributor

Building Affordable “Smart Green Healthy SIP Communities”

EGI is an Albuquerque, New Mexico corporation, specializing in work as a local distributor of Structural Insulated Panels (SIPS) with Premier Building Systems along with integrating renewable energy and Community Microgrid systems into residential development projects.

Phil Ligon

Regional Sales Manager
Premier Building Systems

“Faster Stronger Greener”

Family-owned and founded in the 1960’s, Premier Building Systems (PBS) has grown under the same family ownership for more than 60 years. In addition to Premier SIPS, PBS manufactures R-Shield Insulation, Geofoam, and Premier ICF Building Systems. The High Performance Building Envelope System that creates better buildings for everyone – Premier SIPS.

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SIPS of New Mexico is committed to working within our community to increase access to affordable housing. Please Contact Us for any additional information.

3301 Coors Blvd., NW, Ste. R-109
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87120

Phone: 561-707-7720


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